For Nestlƒ Nectars, Siboney Does Its Bit In Bilingual Promos

Nestlƒ this spring and summer will look to boost awareness of its Kerns and Libby’s Kerns nectars among both core Hispanic consumers and a new group of non-Latino users with the introduction of new flavors, new Spanish-language TV and billboards, and new English-language promotions.
The advertising work is being handled by Siboney in Dallas.
To generate brand trials, Nestlƒ will drop full-page English-language FSIs touting a mail-in offer in regional markets April 25. In early April, the company will launch product extensions–Strawberry Kiwi and Apple flavors and Wild Berry and Peach in chilled versions–that it will support in July with Spanish-language TV and billboards, plus an English-language FSI July 11.
–Stephanie Thompson