Neiman Debuts Anti-Smoking Ads

The dysfunctional relationship between a smoker and a cigarette is the focus of a campaign that breaks statewide in Pennsylvania this week from Neiman Group.

While gathering research to pitch a health account from the state of Penn sylvania, Nei man found that smoking causes the brain to release en dorphins that make people feel as if they’re in love. So the Harrisburg, Pa., shop pre sented a strat egy that focused on the “needy” aspects of a love relationship and won the state’s three-year, $50 million-plus health and wellness contract [Adweek, Aug. 5].

The three 30-second spots feature a woman named “Cindy” being taunted by her significant other—a man dressed as a giant cigarette. “You need me!” he exclaims in each ad.

One spot shows her trying to break up with him. In another, Cindy packs her clothes as the cigarette, watching TV, mocks her attempts to leave him. A third has the cigarette “stalking” Cindy in her car, at work and at the health club.

As a “quitline” number appears on screen, a voice over asks, “Need help getting out of a bad relationship?”

“When we started breaking down the research in sight, we were able to equate it to a relationship and the fact that smoking is a bad relationship,” said cd Rudy Banny.

The effort includes TV and radio and runs through January. Banny said the work may also run in-cinema.

Neiman also handles the client’s media duties.