Like many Texans, Slingshot copywriter David Coats found himself deluged with negative election ads in late October. Among them, a spot that showed police video of Rick Perry, who was running for gubernatorial re-election, being stopped by a cop for speeding and saying, “Why don’t you just let us get on down the road?”

Coats said, “I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I wanted to do something that monkeyed with the absurdity of that whole thing.”

The result: a parody of the ad for client Sigel’s Liquor Stores of Dallas. In one local 60-second radio spot, a voice accuses a fictional character named Chris Sekin of ignoring suggestions to shop at Sigel’s for holiday gifts and going to a shopping mall instead. Sekin’s reply, “Why don’t we just get on down to the mall?” repeats throughout the spot.

The ad uses the same disparaging tone of its inspirational Perry spot, and ends with, “We didn’t ask for his gifts, let’s just let him get on down to the mall.” (Sekin is actually the art director on the project.)

Sigel’s liked the idea so much it allowed the Dallas agency to translate that spot and one other into nearly identical television ads.