NCAA Hall Ads Hail Competitors

Caldwell Van-Riper/Marc defines both the winners and losers of athletic matchups as champions in its debut campaign for the NCAA Hall of Champions.
The first campaign behind the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s interactive education and entertainment complex breaks nationally in March.
“It’s not an advertising campaign just to open a tourist attraction. … We’re telling them the message of the NCAA,” said Todd Greenwood, manager of sales and marketing for the hall. “We focus on the fact that the winner isn’t necessarily the only champion.”
Print executions show one team’s or athlete’s celebration contrasted with the downcast visage of a defeated athlete. Text beside the defeated athlete tells the reader, “There will be no first place trophy. But a team best GPA is still within her reach,” in one execution; “He’s down now. But he’ll be up at dawn tomorrow to tutor freshmen psych majors,” in another.
“The key to it all is that if you’re a student athlete in today’s college environment, we think that provides a lot of value,” said CVR/Marc’s James R. Roudebush, executive vice president and management supervisor at the Indianapolis shop.
The campaign, tagged “It’s the journey,” breaks in early March in national publications such as Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Women. A broadcast campaign will break in late March with public-service announcements on networks such as ESPN and CNNSI. K