NBC “Liz”

Every city has its share of shut-ins and a few of New York’s take center stage in a new TV and print campaign from Mother, New York, for NBC’s online city guide, nbcnewyork.com. “Liz” is a tiara-wearing former model who thinks aliens are using cell towers to spy on her. Fabulously out of date in her wardrobe and entertainment choices (her wall sports a Miami Vice poster), Liz, we learn in this commercial, hasn’t actually been outside in what seems to be decades. The voiceover tells us she believes she has a “highly advanced palette,” as we watch her eat an eclair and earlier a TV dinner, and that she is “relentless in her quest to stay connected to her city.” Sooo, she checks in with the site, so that she’ll be ready for when she returns to the outside world. The commercial gives some hope for the sad creature — moments after she leaves the computer, she replaces her poster of the ’80s hit with one of NBC’s sci-fi drama Heroes. Other spots feature a CFO-turned-onion chopper at a Mexican restaurant and a high-end-real estate broker under house arrest. “New York keeps up with New York at nbcnewyork.com,” reads the onscreen copy. “Locals Only.” the idea here is that if the site can give them some social currency, imagine what it can do for those who can actually take advantage of all the city’s offerings. But would you really want to run into any of these locals? It might just send some running the other way. –Eleftheria Parpis