Navigating Challenges, Embracing AI and Shaping the Future With IAB CEO David Cohen

Learn about next year's IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM) and more

Announcing! Brandweek is headed to Phoenix, Arizona this September 23–26. Join us there to explore the future of marketing, discover cutting-edge strategies and network with the best in the business.

In this week’s episode, we sit down with David Cohen, CEO of IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). During the conversation, Cohen delves into his extensive experience in the advertising business, and the history and purpose of the IAB, highlighting its foundation in 1996 to set industry standards for the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

The conversation then shifts to the key issues and trends in digital marketing. Cohen identifies measurement as a persistent challenge, emphasizing the need for improvements in both single-channel and cross-channel measurement. He also highlights the growing importance of generative AI, addressing its ethical use, optimization, bid management and impact on creative processes. 

Looking ahead, Cohen outlines the IAB’s goals for the upcoming year, emphasizing responsible growth, ethical practices and industry education. He also discusses the upcoming IAB ALM 2024, which will cover diverse topics including responsible AI, commerce, and the future of measurement. 

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