NatureWorks Ventures Outdoors

Loeffler Ketchum Mountjoy has released its first creative work for Cargill Dow, the joint venture between Dow Chemical and Cargill Inc.

Since the firm’s inception a year ago, the Charlotte, N.C., shop has been developing internal pieces and a b-to-b campaign for Na-tureWorks PLA, a plant-based polylactide substitute for petroleum-produced plastics and fibers.

Using the line “You can leave your mark on the world without leaving a mark at all,” Jim Mount-joy, agency vice president and creative director, conceived a corporate brochure featuring outdoor photography reminiscent of Ansel Adams. Pop-up tabs and slides cut into the nature images to reveal messages about the product.

“The pretty setting is a metaphor for us,” said Mountjoy. “If you take something from the earth, you should put it back.”

Print ads will break in the third quarter in trade publications such as Interior Design, Packaging and Outdoor Apparel.

“Our initial target is thepackaging and fiber industries,” said Mountjoy.

“This is the first new thing since polyester,” said Cory Hughes, LKM’s director of strategic planning. “Our challenge is for marketing not to outpace product availability.”