National Airlines Attempts to “Get America Flying Again”

LOS ANGELES–In a move to encourage the public to fly again, National Airlines on Wednesday launched a campaign announcing $1 outbound fares for round-trip travel, which will be donated to the families of the flight crews who perished last week during last week’s terrorist attacks.

Created by National Airlines agency E. B. Lane Marketing Communications in Phoenix, Ariz., the campaign includes print, online and radio ads. Daily newspapers and trade publications are being asked to run the ads at little or no cost.

Print work features the American flag and the quote “We need to make sure that America keeps flying,” which is attributed to the Speaker of the House. Copy also includes the line “National Airlines is doing our part with Get America Flying Fares.”

Campaign spending could not be determined. National Airlines had more than $5 million in media expenditures for 2000 and less than $1 million for the first six months of 2001, per Competitive Media Reporting.

“It’s not going to be easy to try to change perceptions,” said E. B. Lane creative director Jeff Miraglia. “People are affected by the shock and are uneasy in general. They want to be close to home. If we need people to travel, we’ve got to take a stand and offer more value to do so.”

To address safety concerns, print work also states “We stand behind our quality service, commitment to safety, and dedication to our customers.”

According to E. B. Lane president Beau Lane, National Airlines had 1,500 bookings within the first two hours of the promotion.

National Airlines is offering those discounted fares for flights booked by Oct. 16 and departing on a Tuesday. Based in Las Vegas, National Airlines also services San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago Midway/O Hare, New York/JFK, Newark, Philadelphia and Miami.