Nascar Does the Wave

NEW YORK It beckons, like a poignant wave hello. A man sits at a bus stop, on a windy day, with a combover so thin and sad that it makes The Donald’s look almost forgiveable by comparison. The upward thrust of the lock is a result of one strand meant to be wrapped around the head, taken from somewhere near the opposite ear. But gravity is not so easily defied. In the freaky hair show department, there’s something of the Skittles beard guy here (the one who, during a job interview, managed to pick up the candies and stroke the interviewer with his facial hair), but this isn’t quite as creepy; it’s much more pathetic. As a spot, The Martin Agency’s “Combover” is simply irresistible. But wait, there’s more. The hair scene sets up the clever visual analogy that, um, drives the spot home. After we’ve spent sufficient time watching this ultra long strand stand up in the breeze, we’re told “It’s not a combover” by a title card. “It’s a roof flap.” And with that, the spot cuts to two racing cars with their roof flaps up, looking very much like the hair flap on Mr. Baldie. “Nascar. Go to a race. See things differently” is the tag. And whereas mine eyes would probably glaze over just seeing the cars go around the track, now, I indeed do see it differently. I’ll go for the excitement, and stay for the flaps.