Narrow Boost

Despite being down as many as 133.51 points at Wednesday’s closing, falling oil prices and upgrades for two key stocks boosted the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Friday, narrowing losses. Due to falling demand and news that Gulf Coast pipelines were intact, oil prices dropped to $63 a barrel on Friday, and Dow components ExxonMobil and Intel received upgrades, supporting the market. The Dow finished down only 36.47 points for the week to close at 10,641.94, a 0.3 percent drop. The Nasdaq closed at 2160.53, down 16.12 points (0.7 percent). In ad stocks, Omnicom closed the week at 84.05, up 2.75 points (3.4 percent), while WPP Group, trading as American Depository Receipts, finished the week at 52.03, down 0.97 points (nearly 2 percent). IPG, despite news that it would have to restate earnings from 2000 to 2004, managed to finish the week up 0.12 points (1 percent) to close at 11.26.