The Naked Truth From Wongdoody

Three fans take their enthusiasm for Major League Baseball just a little too far in WongDoody’s first campaign for cable network FX’s Saturday night ball game broadcasts.
Five ads, which start breaking this week, feature the antics of three baseball fans who attempt to capture the spirit of ballpark theme nights in their living room.
In one spot, “Cap Night” (shown here), one of the three arrives at his friends’ house wearing only a baseball cap and carrying an armful of groceries. At first, his buddies deride him, but by the end of the spot they have joined him in the buff.
This is the first TV campaign from the Seattle-based agency’s Santa Monica, Calif., office, which opened last November.
“The idea was to turn [the broadcast] into an event, not just a game,” said Ben Wiener, WongDoody’s managing partner, who heads the Santa Monica office. –Angela Dawson