The Naked Truth

In a daring attempt to show the industry it has nothing to hide, Grey Direct in London created a promotional ad with nearly half of its 70 staffers gathered in a team picture, sans clothing.
The ad (shown here) has appeared in British trade magazines with limbs strategically arranged to conceal private parts.
The body copy (no pun intended) for the ad states, “Trying to bring a bold new spirit of openness and honesty to the client-agency experience.”
The ad was the brainchild of copywriter Suzanne Winterflood and art director Mel Colton. The staff assembled in towels and underwear and were plied with drinks to lessen the anxiety before they finally stripped down.
According to Winterflood, it was not mandatory for staffers to participate. Senior management was certainly game–both managing director Gina Larter and creative director Andy Blackford took up positions in the first row.
“If we had sat at the back, it would have been like leading the charge from the bunker,” Blackford said, picking his metaphor carefully. –Hank Kim

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