Nail Recasts Alperts to a Younger Set

BOSTON-Looking to update its image and increase its market share, Alperts Furniture last week unveiled a broadcast campaign created by Nail.
The Providence, R.I., creative boutique shot five 30-second TV commercials, also cut into a series of 15-second variations, on location in Toronto.
In one spot, a woman attacks her furniture with a chainsaw, stopping only when a man appears in the room to read a passage from a letter informing her that she might have won the lottery. “Time for new furniture? Then it’s time for the new Alperts,” says a voiceover. The tagline: “Just what you’re looking for in a furniture store.”
Nail creative director Brian Gross oversaw the effort. Jeff De Chausse, who joined the six-month-old shop from CGN Marketing & Creative Services in Boston, served as art director. Bill Borders, a co-founder of Borders, Perrin and Norrander in Portland, Ore., who now freelances from his home in Idaho, was the copywriter.
The Seekonk, Mass., client “didn’t want to alienate the current audience with a dramatic style change” from previous efforts, according to Gross, who said past ads were entertaining but simple. Nevertheless, the new effort is skewed toward the younger, furniture-buying set, said Alpert’s director of creative services Donna Deandrea-Ballou.
Media buying is handled in-house. Billings were not disclosed.
The ads broke last week in Providence and southeastern Massachusetts and will continue to run through the spring. ƒ