Nail Pushes Polartec for Fall

Malden Mills connects separate, often conflicting ideas with its Polartec synthetic-fleece fabrics in a national print campaign designed to drive sales for the fall season.

Six executions via Nail in Providence, R.I., are launching in late-summer and fall issues of Men’s Journal, Outside, Skiing, Backpacker and other magazines.

One ad shows a man fly fishing in a stream sur rounded by snow-covered trees and mountains; the words “lost” and “found” appear inside circles around the figure. Another execution features a skier racing down a steep mountain; the words “life,” “liberty” and “pursuit of happiness” appear in the surrounding circles. Each ad is followed by a one-third-page ad promoting a product made with Polartec; Nike, The North Face, L.L. Bean and Patagonia are among the participants.

“You can’t go out and buy a Polartec garment; this gives consumers an idea of how to get ahold of the product,” said Nail creative partner Alec Beckett. “We want [consumers] to think if it doesn’t have Polartec, it’s not the real thing.”

Spending was not disclosed; the client spent slightly more than $1 million on advertising in 2001, according to CMR.

Lawrence, Mass.-based Malden Mills filed for Chapter 11 protection last November; at press time, it had filed a plan to emerge from bankruptcy, but no timetable had been set.