Nail Hits on More Reasons to Buy New Furniture

R.I. Creative Boutique Breaks New TV Spots for Alpert’s
BOSTON–After being catapulted through the ceiling by a malfunctioning recliner, receiving “unfinished” furniture in the form of a sawed-up tree, or having an overweight male housesitter lounge au naturale on your couch, it may be time for new furniture.
Those are some of the scenarios featured in a series of 30-second spots for Alpert’s Furniture that break this week.
Nail, the creative boutique in Providence, R.I., that crafted the campaign, began working with Alpert’s two years ago. This round of ads continues to use the tagline, “Time for new furniture.”
Commercials target mainly young families and are running through the fall on cable and local network television in southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. “You’ll see them every 10 minutes on TV,” promised Nail official Brian Gross, adding that because the ads are running so frequently–with more than 450 executions airing per week–several variations are needed.
Ads were directed by Joe Nussbaum of Moxie Pictures, and with the production budget only in the six-figure range, were shot in Canada to save money, Gross said. Media buying is being handled in-house.
Ads running last winter parodied the PBS series Antiques Roadshow and included one spot in which a man proudly displays a family heirloom only to find that it’s worth $3. Last summer’s ads for the Seekonk, Mass., company included a spot where a woman destroys her furniture with a chainsaw, stopping only when a man informs her that she might have won the lottery.
Last year, Alpert’s reached for a younger audience. “They wanted to make their image more upscale, and not just have people shouting prices at you,” said creative partner Alec Beckett.
The agency considers the “Time for new furniture” campaign a part of the local culture, much like the “Got milk?” for Southern New England.