Mythos Wrangles Arena Football Deal

DALLAS GSD&M’s Mythos Group will provide brand image and marketing work for the Austin Wranglers, one of the newest teams in the Arena Football League, said team president Doug MacGregor.

“We’re interested in adding celebrity appeal and marketing expertise,” MacGregor said. “Mythos Group, headed by GSD&M founder Tim McClure, brings both to the game.”

McClure created the “Don’t mess with Texas” anti-litter campaign and convinced Southwest Airlines to paint one of its jets to resemble Shamu the Killer Whale for a marketing alliance with Sea World Adventure Parks.

The AFL, which begins its season in January just as the National Football League season is winding down, is one of the fastest-growing sports franchises in America, league officials claim. Owners include Jerry Jones of the Dallas Desperados, John Elway of the Colorado Crush and Jon Bon Jovi of the Philadelphia Soul. Currently, there are 19 teams in the league, with several more slated for 2005. More than 55 million people watched AFL games on NBC last year, and more than 1.4 million fans attended games, according to the league.

“The Austin Wranglers are a passion brand,” said McClure. Fans seem mesmerized not only by the high scoring, but also by watching players getting slammed into the padded sideline walls, he added.

In their opening home game at the Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, on Jan. 30, the Wranglers face the Philadelphia Soul.

The Mythos Group in Austin forms GSD&M’s branding strategy for clients such as Southwest Airlines and Wal-Mart.