Mythos Studios Begins Work on Feature

DALLAS GSD&M’s movie unit begins production on its first full-length feature film on Feb. 15.

The $1.5 million movie, titled Drop Dead Sexy, stars Crispin Glover, Adam Goldberg and Jason Lee in what shop co-founder Tim McClure describes as “a deliciously dark comedy with a decidedly Texas twist.”

Austin, Texas-based investors and a foreign distributor are financing the movie. McClure will serve as executive producer. Feature film director Michael Philip, who also co-wrote the script with a group of California-based writers, will direct. Richard Kooris of 501 Studies in Austin is co-executive producer and director of photography.

McClure said the group has been talking to domestic distributors and movie studios.

This is the second foray into moviemaking for the Austin-based Omnicom shop. Last year the agency made an Imax film called Texas: The Big Picture that was commissioned by the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum Foundation. The movie opened locally in May.

McClure said the agency launched its movie arm, Mythos Studios, about three years ago, when it started production on Texas: The Big Picture. The group primarily consists of McClure, his daughter, Alison McClure Blair, and Tracey McKergow.

McClure said the agency is in talks to do another Imax movie and a documentary.

Although the new movie does not involve any GSD&M clients, McClure said they could benefit from the agency’s moviemaking in the future. “We think this is a venue to bring revenue to the agency and to involve our clients,” he said. “It gets us more into the advertainment field.”