The Mystery Of Montgomery

It appears that Montgomery North, the ill-fated agency spun off by Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners to service the Charles Schwab account, was a mystery even to those who knew it best.
As Schwab considers its options for the account, one question remains unanswered: Was Montgomery ever a real agency or just a “charade” by Kirshenbaum utilizing a location that its only client had “never seen or been invited to” as Len Short, executive vice president of advertising at Schwab, claimed. Schwab pulled its estimated $18 million account in December.
Public relations for the agency were handled by Kirshenbaum’s New York office, although there was a staff of seven at Montgomery’s 1700 Montgomery St., San Francisco, address.
That suite was only a “temporary work situation,” according to one of its former co-managers, Tim Godsall.
When asked recently about 1700 Montgomery St., Kirshenbaum principal Jon Bond (shown here) said, “What address is that? Where did you get that from?” In fact, the address was provided by Kirshenbaum in New York.
–Jane Irene Kelly