mystery duo makes mark

Who are “Pablo” and “Jack Blades?” For now, the duo, both employed at Boston agencies, are choosing to keep their real names under wraps. But the copywriter (Pablo) and art director (Blades), who have teamed up to form the creative freelance operation, have already picked up several clients. Pablo said that the sideline could eventually become their full-time occupation.
The pair’s first effort is a poster campaign for the Boston Rugby Football Club. One poster reads, “A hooligan’s game played by gentlemen,” and depicts men shoving each other in an effort to grab a rugby ball. Another execution shows an athletic cup with the text: “The size of your cup says nothing about your manhood. The fact that you need to wear one does.” A third execution shows men carrying a casket and contains the words: “We’re a man short.” Creative was done on a pro bono basis, with the amateur rugby club paying for printing costs. A print advertising campaign is also planned for the fall.
Blades and Pablo are also working on a print campaign for sunlamp manufacturer Cosmedico, and count Tommy’s Naked Soda as a client.