‘My Big Redneck Wedding’ Goes to Hollywood

The rednecks are about to meet the red carpet.

A promotion and brand integration deal between Viacom’s Country Music Television and News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox will send a couple from the popular show, My Big Redneck Wedding, to the Hollywood premiere of the romantic comedy, Bride Wars.

But it’s no quick-hit contest. The deal spans three months, weaves considerable amounts of movie footage, custom-created interstitials and hype through the cable channel, and gives viewers the chance to pick which couple will get a de facto honeymoon in Los Angeles.

The marriage is on-trend with what TV networks are doing these days to try to attract advertiser dollars, putting up their best assets and working with marketers to create ways to thematically connect the entertainment to the product. Customization is key, as is coming up with creative