My Big Fat Obnoxious Hero

Before he became the big, fat, obnoxious star of Fox’s My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, Steven Bailey was a big, fat, not-as-obnoxious commercial actor who achieved notice in a Swanson’s Hungry-Man spot by Foote Cone & Belding.

In the ad, two guys admire their blubbery torsos in a locker-room mirror. When Bailey proudly remarks that he has eaten some light fare, the Hungry-Man eater points a blow-dryer at him and sends him flying. “It was a great shoot, and I had a lot of fun doing it,” Bailey tells Shoptalk. “The only negative was the poor stuntman [John-Clay Scott] was injured slightly,” as the agency needed multiple shots of him falling. “But for me, it was positive experience,” Bailey insists. What an obnoxious thing to say!

Though Bailey’s Fox co-star, Randi Coy, had to resign from her job as a first-grade Catholic-school teacher due to her association with the show, Bailey hopes he can return to advertising without any stigma. “All exposure helps,” he says. “It’ll be interesting to see how people who would hire me are going to react the next time I’m in an audition. I don’t see myself as a flash in the pan, and the fact that I am clearly an actor on this show seems to have generated some fascination.”

When we let it slip that we hadn’t actually seen his show, Bailey replied, “They’re re-running it tonight, so why don’t you watch it? You probably don’t have anything better to do.” So obnoxious!