M/W Makes Staples ‘Easy’ for Super Bowl

CHICAGO Martin/Williams and Staples Inc. will make their collective debuts on the Super Bowl this year with a 30-second television spot touting the retailer’s office products selection.

The spot, created by the Minneapolis agency, will use the company’s nearly year-old tagline, “Staples. That was easy.” The spot, set to run sometime in the second half, depicts a supply manager who makes coworkers surrender treats in exchange for supplies. Character actor Joe Viterelli (Analyze This) plays an employee who uses Staples to stop the supply manager’s practice, according to an agency representative.

“Our research shows that Staples’ customers are busy and highly selective television viewers who respond to destination television events,” said Shira Goodman, executive vice president of marketing at Staples, in a statement. “For the first time in nearly a decade, we have new brand positioning and a new tagline. The Super Bowl is a terrific vehicle to communicate our ‘easy brand.'”

The Framingham, Mass.-based retailer spent $45 million on television advertising through September of last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.