Overall Billings Growth: Up 23.4% to $500 million: (grade A)
Clients Lost: Colt .45, Rainier: (grade A-)
New Clients: MCI Business Services, Shady Brook Farms, First Data Corp.: (grade B-)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 17.4%, or $70 million: (grade A)
Creativity: MCI work still strong, along with NASDAQ and Volvo: (grade B+)
Management Savvy: Agency continues to experience rapid growth throughout the ad recession. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: (grade B+)
Teacher’s Comments: Digesting the remnants of Jerry Della Femina’s agency has slowed last year’s high-flyer somewhat, but with $500 million in real billings, Messner has the critical mass necessary to win any piece of business.
Overall Grade: A-
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