Multivision Bought by Chicago Rival

SAN FRANCISCO Bacon’s Information has acquired Multivision, a broadcast monitoring and media management company.

Multivision of Oakland, Calif., provides digital delivery and monitoring of television content to its clients, such as GQ magazine and Similar to the “clipping” services before the digital age, it monitors the text of closed-captioned programs, tracking every mention of a client’s product, service or name on broadcast reports.

For example, after GoDaddy’s racy 2005 Super Bowl spot, Multivision estimated the online site received more than $7 million in free publicity.

Chicago-based Bacon’s entered the broadcast monitoring business a little over three years ago. Since then, the company’s monitoring business has grown not only organically, but also by its acquisitions in major media markets.

Multivision officials said the acquisition unites two of the major firms in the media monitoring market.

“Adding the products, services and strategic relationships that Multivision has developed enables Bacon’s to more effectively service our clients’ needs,” said Steve Newman, CEO of Bacon’s. “Multivision has a heritage of innovation and customer service and this will enable us to further strengthen our Communication Cycle solutions.”

Babak Farahi, CEO of Multivision, said he could now offer his company’s services to a much broader client base.

“Multivision clients can now take advantage of Bacon’s full suite of communications resources and thereby provide best-in-class solutions,” Farahi said.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.