Multiple People Killed in Shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee

The shooter is reportedly among the dead

Molson Coors Brewing Co.
The shooting occured at the Molson Coors Brewing Co. campus on Wednesday. Getty Images
Headshot of Kathryn Lundstrom

A recently fired employee at the Molson Coors brewery in Milwakuee returned to the facility Wednesday afternoon and shot and killed 5 of his co-workers before turning the gun on himself.

“It is a horrible, horrible day for the employees here. It’s a very rough day for anyone who is close to this situation,” Milwaukee’s mayor, Tom Barrett, told the AP.

“We’re a family here at Molson Coors in Milwaukee and this is an unthinkable tragedy for us,” said president and CEO Gavin Hattersley at a news conference Wednesday night. Hattersley said he’d spoken with several employees who were still on scene. “I‘d like to thank them for their bravery. It really is very important that we we keep them all close in the days and weeks that are coming.”

Molson Coors owns dozens of well-known beer and other alcoholic beverage brands including Miller, Coors, Hamm’s and Keystone. It’s one of the world’s largest brewers by volume. Until last October, Molson Coors Beverage Co. was known as MillerCoors. At the time of the corporate name change, the company announced it would be moving hundreds of corporate jobs to Milwaukee. But the restructure was also going to mean 400 to 500 job cuts throughout the company.

Miller Brewing was founded in Milwaukee in 1855. In 2008, it was merged with Coors Brewing Co. to form the MillerCoors joint venture.

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@klundster Kathryn Lundstrom is Adweek's breaking news reporter based in Austin.