Mullen/LHC Breaks TV Spots for Midway Airlines

Mullen/LHC positions Midway Airlines as a better way to fly in its first advertising for the regional carrier.

Three 30-second television commercials were introduced June 15 in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., area. Print and radio ads will continue to roll outin destinationmarkets as the Raleigh-based airline adds routes to Birmingham, Ala.; Dayton, Ohio; Los Angeles; Providence, R.I.; and Washington, D.C.

“Lots of times there’s not much you can say about an airline that’s specific,” said Mullen/LHC chief creative officer Denzil Strickland. “But Midway’s got particular attributes that we could work with: they’re on time, they’ve got more direct routes, and most of their planes are less than 3 years old.”

Directed by Noam Murro, the agency in Winston-Salem, N.C., developed vaguely disorienting spots to create an otherworldly feel. Music by Big Foote in New York heightens that surreal sense.

“Chess,” set in a sun-drenched retirement complex, shows two seniors playing a match. High above, a plane arcs. Seeing it, one man resets his watch by two minutes. “Midway?” asks the other. The on-screen super: “The on-time airline.”

In “Baby,” the focus is on Midway’s fleet of young planes. The camera follows the pointing arm of a little girl. “Baby, baby,” she says. The adults around her assume she’s noticing another child. In fact, she’s recognizing a plane. The spot concludes with a super: “Average age of planes is under 3 years.”

In “Geometry,” a teacher asks, “What is the shortest distance between two points?” No one answers, but Luther, a jock who never raises his hand, has been watching a Midway plane cross the sky. “Of course, he’s not going to give the right answer for the class, but it’s right for the client,” said Strickland.