Mullen Takes a Hike for AHS

ATLANTA Mullen is launching its first work for the American Hiking Society in the June issue of Backpacking magazine, the shop said.

The full-page color ad promotes the 13th annual National Trails Day on June 4.

The AHS expects the event to attract about 1 million people to public hiking trails at the more than 1,000 events scheduled for that day.

The ad urges experienced hikers to invite friends to experience the sport. It will be followed by a series of smaller ads to recruit volunteers to take their summer vacations to help build and maintain the nation’s trail system. Headlines for those ads include “Take of Couple of Days On” and “Karma. Now Tax Deductible.”

“For more than 25 years, thousands of volunteers have participated in American Hiking’s Volunteer Vacations program,” said Gregory Miller, client president. “They have raked, shoveled, trimmed, lopped and chopped hundreds of trail miles that, without these crews, would be unsafe for foot travel.”

The Winston-Salem, N.C., office of the Interpublic Group shop won the account earlier this year. Spending was not disclosed.