Mullen Rewards Jobs Well Done

One of Edward Boches’ first acts as executive creative director at Mullen was to promote a creative team.
Boches last week advanced copywriter Jim Garaventi and art director Greg Bokor to senior vice presidents from vice presidents and associate creative directors. Garaventi and Bokor were the creative forces behind the Wenham, Mass., agency’s award-winning print work for Swiss Army Brands and other high-profile work.
“They have emerged as real leaders in the company,” Boches said. “[They] set by example the kinds of standards that other people want to live up to. They’ve been doing some of the best work that we’ve done, and they’ve proven they can do really good work on big, tough, demanding pieces.”
Bokor and Garaventi could not be reached by press time.
The duo joined Mullen three years ago from the former Leonard/Monahan in Providence, R.I., where, as vice presidents and associate creative directors, they worked on accounts such as Saranac Beer, Polaroid and Osram Sylvania.
As a team at Mullen, Garaventi and Bokor have created campaigns for Swiss Army Brands–which captured top honors at last year’s Hatch Awards–L.L. Bean, EMC Corp., Osram Sylvania, General Motors, Speedvision Cable Network and Fortune magazine.
Boches cited EMC’s most recent campaign as an example of the pair’s skills. The $20 million global effort– which is running in technology publications and Business Week, Fortune, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal–uses simple visuals such as a brick wall, skyscrapers and a flood to target information technology professionals and show the power of the high-tech company’s products. The tagline, created last year, is “The EMC effect.”
“EMC is a tough, international, high-tech client and Jim and Greg rose to the challenge,” Boches said.