Mullen Promotes ‘.Biz’ Domain

Mullen this week bows its first advertising campaign for NeuLevel, a company that maintains the “.Biz” domain in cyberspace.

The effort communicates three key benefits firms enjoy by adopting that domain: a memorable location, enhanced technology and state-of-the-art se-curity features.

The budget is undisclosed, but sources said spending by the Sterling, Va.-based client may top seven figures.

“We want to address the skepticism decision makers would have and answer the question, ‘Why .Biz?’ ” said Jon Eckman, a copywriter at Mullen in Wenham, Mass.

A 15-second TV spot, initially running on PBS stations, opens in an office environment, with busy employees working amid cubicles and corridors. The camera pulls back to reveal the activity is taking place inside a suburban garage. “Why .Biz?” a voiceover asks. “Because what might start in the garage shouldn’t stay in the garage.”

The garage is intended as a metaphor for businesses large or small, said Eckman.

“They should consider partnering with “.Biz” as they look to grow,” he said.