Mullen Lowe Is Donating the Monetary Value of Every Cannes Lion It Wins to Charity

Challenges other winners to do the same

Here's an opportunity for ad people to use their Cannes Lions statuettes to feed more than their egos.

Mullen Lowe Group says it will donate the monetary replacement value of all the Lions it wins at this year's festival to support hunger and earthquake relief in Nepal. Through a program called "Can Your Lions," the agency is asking other Cannes winners to do the same.

According to Mullen Lowe, it costs 50 cents to feed a person in Nepal for one day. So, a Cannes Grand Prix statue—valued at $2,906—is worth 5,812 days of food. Gold, silver and bronze Lions are worth $1,280 each—or 2,560 days of food.

Last year, the total value of all Cannes winners would have equaled $1.5 million, or 3 million days of food.

"We're hopeful that the global creative community will join us in sharing our good fortune in support of this important humanitarian initiative," says Alex Leikikh, global CEO at Mullen Lowe. #CanYourLions is the initiative's hashtag. (The shop has won 12 Lions so far this year, worth $15,360.)

Hey, creative elite, in between bites of rich French cuisine, maybe give a thought to helping your fellow human beings. It won't kill you! (However, too much buttery escargot can.)

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