Mullen Gets a Rise With Sexy Bread Spot

NEW YORK For those of you who always assumed “white bread” wasn’t sexy, here’s a spot that um, goes against the grain. The commercial, from Mullen, promotes the Grain Foods Foundation, a trade group representing millers and bakers. (Who knew that people were still milling? Let’s hear it for milling.) But back to the spot, which uses the old Hansel and Gretel-ish trope of a breadcrumb trail with a twist. A 30ish woman (or maybe she’s younger—at any rate, she’s past her Wonder Bread years) comes home to find white bread (not crumbs, but entire soft slices) rather than the usual rose petals, arranged in a footpath. She walks through the door, goes up the stairs and enters her apartment. It’s a very well shot and directed spot—the excitement mounts as she walks her high-heeled pumps past the aforementioned bread slices. We get the idea that she’s approaching a bedroom, and she gets there and opens the door. I was anticipating some sort of horror scene involving a carbo-loading freak sitting in his underwear. But that’s just me. Instead, a hunky man sits, fully dressed, on the bed, offering his ladylove an attractive sandwich on a plate. Now that’s erotic. The door closes, and here’s where the sex-and-bread link comes in, which gets a little awkward, a little creepy, but also kind of cute: “White bread is rich in folic acid. Folic acid helps make healthy babies.” The tagline is “Grains for life,” which is OK, but with this baby-making execution, comes dangerously close to a pro-life interpretation. And hey, we’re trying to keep our bread sexy here.