Mullen Evolves Ads for PBS Series

Mullen is launching a national campaign touting Evolution, the upcoming PBS series from public broadcasting station WGBH and Clear Blue Sky Productions.

To promote the seven-part show, Wenham, Mass.-based Mullen de veloped a TV, print, outdoor, on line, direct and guerrilla-marketing campaign urging potential viewers to ask, “Why?”

One spot shows a stylized flea circus in which the star performer falls to his death. Screams of terror are heard, and the question, “Why should we care when another species dies?” is asked. A second ad features a greased-pig contest and men singing along to the tune “Let’s Get It On.” The spots conclude by describing Evolution as “A journey into where we’re from, and where we’re going.”

An effort was made to reflect the belief that evolution affects practically everything in the world on a daily basis, said Mullen creative directors Greg Boker and Jim Garaventi, who oversaw the campaign, serving respectively as art director and copywriter.

Spots will air on PBS stations and will also run on national cable leading to the show’s Sept. 24 premiere.