Mullen Decorates Grocery Aisles

BOSTON Mullen next week launches the latest phase of its estimated $3 million “Grains for life” campaign on behalf of the Grain Foods Foundation, a trade association seeking to promote the health benefits of bread to combat the anti-carbohydrates movement.

This time around, the Interpublic Group agency in Wenham, Mass., takes the fight directly to consumers with point-of-sale pieces in grocery stores.

“As we enter year two, the strategy is to establish bread’s rightful place in shopping carts and on tables across America,” a Mullen representative said.

Kroger Supermarkets, a member of the Grain Foods Foundation, will feature the creative materials in all of its 1,800 store locations starting Nov. 1, which marks the beginning of National Bread Month. Materials include floor decals in supermarket aisles that illustrate the necessity of bread when paired with other foods—like peanut butter and jelly and turkey.

Last year’s tagline, “Bread. It’s essential,” remains. One ad to be placed near cold cuts shows a slice of bread and the copy: “The human body needs carbohydrates. More importantly, a turkey club needs bread.” A second ad reads, “The health benefits of bread are remarkable. So are its abilities to keep peanut butter and jelly together.”

Other point-of-purchase materials being tested this quarter by Kroger include stanchion signs, “aisle invaders” and “shelf talkers.” Banner ads on are also in the mix.

The campaign kicked off last year with posters and other materials in doctors’ offices and health clubs, as well as a video that played on the Jumbotron in New York’s Times Square.

—Adweek staff report