Mullen Breaks Wachovia TV Ads

A new ad campaign for Wachovia links personal finance with the lessons of ordinary life.

One 60- and seven 30-second television spots from Mullen in Winston-Salem, N.C., and Hispanic partner Zubi Advertising in Coral Gables, Fla., broke in Florida last week.

Print, radio and outdoor ads are set to follow the Wa-chovia-First Union merger integration schedule.

Spending is undisclosed. The Charlotte, N.C.-based bank spends an estimated $70 million annually on advertising, according to sources.

The campaign extends the client’s “Uncommon wisdom for shared success” theme.

“The uncommon wisdom campaign is about living in this world,” said Denzil Strickland, executive vice president and creative director at Mullen.

The commercials, directed by Robert Logevall of Anonymous Content in Los Angeles, are marked by slow- motion camera work. In “Salon,” a camera travels down a row of men and women getting haircuts. A voice-over asks, “What can a haircut teach us about working with small businesses?”

Answers in all the spots are brief. In the above example: “Listening is vitally important. Respect must be earned every day.” Other ads link financial understanding to children performing in a school play and families enjoying rides at carnivals.

Zubi creatives, led by Emmie Vazquez, “transcreated” certain ads for Spanish-speaking consumers.