Mugler's AR Mirror Turns You Into a Constellation 

The luxury brand promotes its new fragrance with augmented reality

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Luxury French fashion and perfume company Mugler is promoting its new fragrance, Angel Elixir, using augmented reality experiences across France and Germany.

In collaboration with creative studio Fondamentale, Mugler used FFFACE.ME’s AR mirrors to launch three augmented reality installations in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Alexa Mall in Berlin and Pep mall in Munich. The installations allow visitors to view themselves on a screen, with the AR mirror applying a digital constellation overlay to their appearance through augmented reality once they “spray” Angel Elixir. The sparkling stars in the mirror are inspired by the perfume’s iconic star-shaped bottle. Visitors can tap on the screen to record a photo or video of themselves that they can download and share.

In addition to these real-world installations, Instagram users can try the filter in the photo- and video-sharing application by visiting Mugler’s Instagram profile.

According to FFFACE.ME, the AR mirrors utilize Meta’s Spark Player, which translates Instagram filters into interactive installations outside of the social media app.

“Soon, AR mirrors will become a mainstream part of offline retail for all industries. The technology is ready, the experience is easy for audiences, and it brings measurable value to businesses,” said Polina Klekovkina, COO of FFFACE.ME. “It’s just a matter of time before we will be able to try on any product—from makeup to clothing—by simply looking in the mirror. We’re proud to implement this gadget with the help of our partner, Meta, and excited to see how mixed reality experiences will continue to revolutionize the retail industry.”

AR mirrors are a hot new trend among fashion brands. Companies such as Coach and Tommy Hilfiger, among others, have also adopted this technology to combine in-store shopping with augmented reality.

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