Just as Orioles third baseman Cal Ripken Jr. has been a huge part of the Baltimore sports scene for more than two decades, his photographic image now towers over the city itself.

An outdoor display, roughly the size of two billboards, has been installed along Interstate 83 in the heart of Baltimore.

Set against a split panel of Orioles’ orange and black, the full-color print depicts Ripken stroking a hit. Text, created by Trahan, Burden & Charles copywriter Alex Slotkin, asks, “Were You There?” The years of the Ironman’s baseball career are listed along the left sideof the billboard.

Part tribute, part ad, the sign acknowledges Ripken’s last season while reminding fans that their favorite MVP’s playing days are numbered.

Since the board has gone up, Ripken has raised his batting average 50 points and doubled his home runs. Ballpark attendance has also soared, but the Birds are in a tailspin, having lost 17 of their last 20 games.

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