Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

If you’re a Mom, you surely wish you could clone yourself around holiday time. Between all the shopping, gift wrapping, tree decorating, cooking and general merrymaking, the most wonderful time of the year can often become the most hectic and stressful time of the year. That’s where Target comes in. This new spot from Wieden + Kennedy uses some fancy visual hocus pocus to literally show our heroine dividing (into several versions of herself) and conquering the various household tasks she must complete in order to get the home ready for the festivities. It’s not exactly clear how Target makes you more efficient, which is what the multiplying personas seems to imply. Perhaps it’s as simple as saving you time by having everything you need to buy for the holidays at one store. Whatever the rationale, viewers surely will be impressed by this stylish, self-assured woman’s mastery of her holiday domain, and be left with the notion that Target made it all happen. -Tim Nudd