Mr. Easy Deals Again

He’s back, and he’s as easy as ever.
Mr. Easy, the namby-pamby, deal-making pitchman who starred in campaigns for the Subaru Dealers of New England during the Ronald Reagan era, has returned to the airwaves, once again portrayed by New Jersey-based actor Dan Resin.
A 30-second spot created in-house with help from Hearst-Argyle Television Productions in Needham, Mass., promotes Subaru’s 1998 model year clearance sale. When a young couple insists on a lower price, a salesman turns to his boss–who is none other than the Easy One himself. True to his name, Mr. Easy sweetens the deal, prompting the salesman to motor back
into the showroom exclaiming, “Mr. East is back! Mr. Easy is back!”
The role was created by car dealer Ernie “Come on Down” Boch Sr. circa 1983 for a series of spots from the former HBM/Creamer. Terry MacDonald, the creative director at HBM who oversaw the original ads, said Mr. Easy has been idle since the late ’80s.
The current spot, produced for about $4,000, may run a few weeks into September.
–David Gianatasio