Mr. Clean: The Multitasker

NEW YORK Mr. Clean is now embracing multi-tasking. New ads from Procter & Gamble breaking this week show Mr. Clean with Febreze all-purpose cleaners doing the work of three brands combined.

A TV spot from Grey, New York, shows three unnamed, animated cleaning products in a closet conceding that Mr. Clean is the better cleaner than they are. The latest campaign marks a shift for the brand towards more of a value message. Previous ads played up the fresh scent and multiple uses of Mr. Clean with Febreze.

The emphasis on value has prompted another, more subtle change: Gone from the ads is a heavy emphasis on the use of the Mr. Clean character. (He appears briefly at the end.)

Krista Faron, senior analyst with Mintel said, “It’s a departure from the past when the iconic stature of Mr. Clean might have been enough to draw consumers in…Today’s products have to deliver tangible benefits.”

The three-in-one argument is designed to appeal to shoppers looking for a solution that’s both inexpensive and manageable, said Mr. Clean brand manager Shannon Taylor. “When you think of the economy we’re in right now, the consumer we’re going after does have an [inclination] towards simpler cleaning routines.”
The push comes as all-purpose cleaner sales dropped 2.11 percent, according to IRI data ending Jan. 25.

Spend was not disclosed. P&G spent $45 million on measured media behind Mr. Clean in 2008, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.