Moxie Directs Wordplay at Re-entry Collegians

SAN FRANCISCO Independent Moxie has rolled out a new ad campaign for Notre Dame de Namur University that targets adult students, an agency representative said.

The private, Catholic school in Belmont, Calif., attempts to distinguish itself from other colleges drawing re-entry students, said Margot Frey, director of admissions for adult programs at NDNU.

“The objective of the campaign is not to convince prospective students to return to school. Other institutions are already doing a good job of that,” Frey said. “Instead, it’s to convince prospective students that NDNU is the right place for them.”

Moxie, which won the account following a review, began work in late August, according to an agency rep. The advertising was previously done in-house, the rep said. Ad spending was not available.

One print ad is a play on words, showing a long line of people, with the word “herd” appearing next to it. Below that are photos of students and teachers talking, along with the word “heard.” Additional copy states, “Be heard, not one of the herd. We treat our students as individuals, not livestock.” The tagline: “NDNU: The cure for the common school.”

Omer Malchin, a principal at the San Francisco shop, said Moxie focused on the university’s selling points like its personalized approach to adult students.

“The creative distinguishes NDNU from virtual online universities, office campuses and the massive state colleges and large institutions,” Malchin said.