Minneapolis agency Cevette & Co. let everyone know it has moved to new, larger quarters across town with a mailing bearing an uncanny resemblance to a circular from a furniture discounter.

Beneath a screaming ‘Moving Sale!’ headline and an ‘Everything Must Go!’ burst, copy explains the agency must ‘liquidate our entire inventory!’

Among the detritus ‘marked down’ to move were ‘hundred of stock photo catalogues,’ ‘old director’s reels and casting tapes’ and ‘former employee personnel files.’ Even ‘Useless vendor gifts” were advertised at 50 percent off.

Agency principal John Cevette, surprised and disappointed that no one took the bait, had showed up expecting a real closeout sale.

‘Not even an old employee looking for his personnel file (appeared),’ Cevette said.

‘Maybe we’re not as creative as we think,’ he added with a laugh.

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