At The Movies

Comedian Richard Jeni, who once considered a career in advertising, creates some personal brand awareness in the new Coca-Cola concession stand ads currently on 10,000 movie screens.
The new ads (one is shown here) will replace the ones starring David Letterman and an assortment of guileless children.
In the two spots, produced by McCann-Erickson, Atlanta, Jeni first appears to movie-goers standing atop a giant cup of Coke, and then shifts to a stage made up like a cavernous candy counter.
“The ad world in a lot of ways is more fun than the film and TV world,” Jeni said. “It’s a lot more civilized.”
In one spot, he talks about men’s tastes in movies-“explosions, bikinis and aliens ” vs. women’s-“talking and yakking and yearning for a love that can never be ” The second has Jeni discussing concession stands that offer “everything but a lobster tank.”
-Rob Lenihan