Hollywood-based Paramount Pictures’ ad for ‘The Firm’ in the June 23 edition of The Wall Street Journal – a full page with copy only that read, ‘No Job Is Worth Dying For’ – struck a nerve with the business people it was designed to attract.
It probably encouraged them to buy a ticket to the film, considering the movie registered a record $45 million after six days out. Paramount’s targeted placement – designed to reach the lawyers and other upscale business people who’d be inclined to eat up this adult tale – is The Journal’s first from a movie studio and Paramount’s first in a business publication, though probably not the last.
Paramount also placed ads for The Film in law journals and in the Los Angeles Times Magazine – the second time the Times Magazine has had an ad from a movie advertiser.
Columbia, meanwhile, prominently placed an ad for In The Line of Fire next to the contents page in the July 5 issue of U.S. News & World Report, with a similar strategy. The ad was U.S. News’ first from a movie advertiser.
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