MoveOn Subjects Bush to ‘Polygraph’

NEW YORK The Democratic political interest group Voter Fund is spending over $1.4 million to air a TV spot attacking the honesty of President George W. Bush.

Titled “Polygraph,” the ad focuses on statements Bush made prior to the war in Iraq. The spot maintains that Bush misled the American people about Saddam Hussein’s possession of chemical and nuclear weapons, and about alleged links between the Iraqi regime and Al Qaeda terrorists. It will begin running Feb. 13 and air through Feb. 25 in Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Nevada and Missouri.

“Polygraph” was produced as part of the Voter Fund’s “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest which solicited ads last December. It was one of the finalists from that competition. In the spot, viewers see a polygraph machine or lie detector device as the President says: “Saddam Hussein had an advanced nuclear weapons development program; Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa; Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of Al Qaeda.” As Bush makes each statement, the polygraph needle moves dramatically.

The ad carries the tag line: “Americans are dying for the truth,” a reference to the deaths of American soldiers fighting in Iraq.