Moto’s Razr Looks Sharp

NEW YORK The best thing about this Motorola ad, which seems to air all too frequently, is that the ridiculous subway-platform skirmish is backed by a catchy electro-pop tune from Shiny Toy Guns. The track, called “Le Disko,” features nostalgic ’80s-style fuzzy synth and the lyrics deliciously mock, “little boys” with their “little toys . . . ” But the fight—instigated, of course, by the weapon of choice, the new, thinner Razr2—feels off. The choreography looks stiff and more flirtatious than fierce. A woman, coming out of a subway train, is brushed by a man whose cell phone is in his hand. A gaping cut is left in her dress. The battle begins and viewers are then treated to a series of clothes-slicing blows (Get it? The razor? So sharp, it can even cut into subway walls!). Maybe if the phone duel was presented around the time of Matrix mania, when references to black wardrobes and lingering shots of dynamic duels were everywhere, it would feel more appropriate. And, dare I say, sharper.