Motorola Goes Back to School

Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector uses the classroom as a metaphor for the boardroom in its first TV campaign for DigitalDNA embedded technology.
Created by Leo Burnett in Chicago, the spots break today on national cable networks, including The Discovery Channel, CNBC and Headline News. The targeted buy is intended to reach technology-aware business leaders, said Karen Hanley, director of global brand marketing for Motorola.
“The opportunity to go to broadcast [ads] gives us a lift with business leaders as well as [Motorola’s] technology base,” she said.
Motorola spent nearly $7 million advertising its DigitalDNA project last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Hanley said that budget could double next year with the addition of TV.
The initial spot features a 10-year-old boy describing a science project in which his robot dog fetches food. When a skeptical teacher asks whether he had any help, he proudly proclaims DigitalDNA from Motorola helped him formulate the project.
“The science fair and the classroom setting is a perfect model of the business environment: competitive, risky and information-focused with a lot of pressure to succeed,” said Paul Meyer, vice president/creative director at Leo Burnett. Meyer gave particular credit to the creative team–copywriter Hunt Baldwin and art director Willie Cannon–for the idea.
The ads carry the “Heart of Smart” tag, which broke earlier this year.