Motorola Calls for Consolidation 6 to 10 Agencies Are Expected to Participate in $40 Mil. Review

By Ellen Rooney Martin and Stephen Levine

CHICAGO–Motorola is looking to consolidate its $40 million advertising account, launching a review for its cellular phones, pagers, modems and personal use two-way radios assignments.

The incumbent agencies, J. Walter Thompson and Foote, Cone & Belding, both in Chicago, and McCann-Erickson in Atlanta have been invited to pitch the business, according to Margo Brown, a representative for Motorola in Schaumburg, Ill.

A ‘small group’ of unidentified agencies from around the country has also been invited to pitch the account.

A total of six to 10 agencies is expected to participate in the review, she said. A decision in the creative and media review is expected sometime in the third quarter, according to the company.

JWT handles the cellular division. McCann is responsible for Motorola Paging Systems and FCB handles corporate advertising.

The review was prompted by Motorola’s desire to generate greater awareness of its branded products among consumers. A group of executives from the different divisions will oversee the review process.

‘Motorola has been looking at this concept for some time,’ Brown said. ‘We’ve had obvious successes in markets with pagers and cellular phones. This is in recognition of (the fact) that we can’t address the consumer audience in the way we do other audiences.’

The review will be a ‘traditional process’ of briefings and assignments, but no other details were disclosed.

‘We need to make the consumer aware of the breadth of products and communicate them in a way that stands out,’ Brown said.

In 1996, Motorola spent a total of $65 million on advertising, according to Competitive Media Reporting. The bulk of the ad spending was on cellular phones with $21 million in support while pagers received $23 million in ad spending, according to CMR.

–with Michael McCarthy

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