motor, no drive

It’s clear that Bill Mattis knows the target audience for the motor homes now being pitched by his Portland, Ore., agency. What’s also clear is that there’s only so much a shop can do on a shoestring budget.

“RVers don’t purchase $250,000 motor homes just to sit in the leather seats,” said Mattis, an account manager for Borders Perrin Norrander. “They purchase them to go places and see things where hotels or port-a-potties do not exist.”

But while the motor homes may gamely ramble down most any road, the agency had to stay put. Mattis admits that the three picturesque landscapes in print ads created by his shop for Monaco Motor Coach were culled from stock photos. The shop merely stripped in shots of the client’s vehicles against the scenic backgrounds and added some clever text.

He explained that the ads suggest the types of places motorists could go if they had a quarter-million-dollar house on wheels. “We want people to relate to the Monaco experience,” Mattis said. “It’s about the luxury of the surroundings, and Monaco is there to help make these beautiful surroundings much more luxurious.”