In a nod to the spirit of generosity—and juggling family time—Working Mother magazine this month saluted the American Advertising Federation’s Heide Gardner as one of 25 working moms making a difference in the world.

As vp of diversity and strategic programs, Gardner developed a set of voluntary principles to promote diversity in the ad industry. The recommendations led to a White House executive order in October requiring federal ad contracts to represent minority agencies fairly.

“Her work is particularly important because of her efforts to fight for fairness in workplace advertising practices,” said magazine editor-in-chief Lisa Benenson.

Benenson noted the selection criteria included women who use their work or personal lives to help others.

Gardner, 38, who has two sons, offered some words of wisdom on keeping up with work and family. “The only way to juggle is to prioritize.”

She added she finds the honor particularly rewarding because “diversity is finally more than a blip on the radar screen.”