Mother Of All Agency Lunches

During a planning session earlier this year, Bohan Carden & Cherry executives came up with the idea for “Wow Your Mom Day,” a familial affair intended to dovetail with everyone’s favorite maternal holiday.
So on May 7, 10 BC&C employees’ mothers and mothers-in-law visited the Nashville, Tenn., shop for a primer on what their kids do for a living and a gala lunch.
“All of our moms and dads know that we work in advertising, but there’s so much curiosity and confusion about what we actually do that we wanted to explain the creative process and how we get from one point to the end,” said account executive Bonita Kimbrell.
It wasn’t just for local moms. Account supervisor Beth Torroll’s mother came the farthest–all the way from Milwaukee.
Kimbrell said getting 10 moms to attend was “pretty good . . . considering most of the ones who aren’t coming are deceased. And there’s not too much you can do about that.”
–T.W. Siebert